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Talidandaganu' Lodge

Cherokee Area Council, BSA
6031 Lee Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37421


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    I was in a lodge in another council.  How do I transfer to Talidandaganu' Lodge?

A:    Send or bring your completed Information Sheet and $10 dues to the Scout Office in Chattanooga, or a Lodge event.  You must be currently registered with BSA to be an active member of any OA lodge.  If you are also current with dues in the other lodge, you can transfer for $1 for the rest of the year.

Q:     How do you pronounce Talidandaganu'?

A:     Phonetically, it is easiest to learn it in three parts:  TALI - DANDA - GANU.  The TALI part rhymes with "holly."  DANDA rhymes with "Wanda."  GANU rhymes with "canoe."  With the correct accent on syllables:

         TAH-lee DON-da ga-NEW.  (the "da" and the "ga" are very short, with no pauses)

Another acceptable pronunciation (and most popular among lodge members) is as follows:  TALI rhymes with  "cali" in "California."  DANDA rhymes with "Amanda."  GANU rhymes with "canoe."  It is spoken like this:

         TĂLDĀN-da ga-NEW